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Kenya's payment landscape has really changed in the past decade. Not too long ago, cash was undoubtedly the most accepted form of payment. It was always cash. Then, mobile money started to take over pioneered by safaricom's MPESA. The idea of mobile money spread like wild fire. Nobody was really directly using it to pay for goods. Somebody sent you money, you go withdraw it from an agent and you go stand in line with your basket of goodies and pay with money you got via your phone. Things changed when Lipa na MPESA came by and finally you can truly do cashless payments. Even paying with your credit card or debit card has been on the rise as more and more people walk around with very little cash in hand but a whole load of riches on your phone or cards. But herein lies a problem. Most of these payment systems are individual entities, not operating from a single device but from multiple devices.
But we have good news for merchants and customers as well. MobiTill, is a device that we at Data Integrated Limited professionally crafted on our own grounds to alleviate the need to have multiple payment systems that are each on their own. We made a comprehensive payment system solution that incooperates different modes of payment be it cash, mobile money, or cards; into a single very portable Point of Sale device that can be implemented at literally any operating business.

Easy To Use

Our software is carefully crafted to detail and tailormade to suit the precise need of each of our clients. Compact in size, and very ergonomic, MobiTill allows for one to move around with the device easily for instance those collecting revenue in the matatu industry or parking fees or other places that require movement from place to place. We also offer free training for the intended users of the system with every purchase. This is to ensure that every user is conversant with the way our Mobitill Point of Sale machine and also the backend software works.


Since our software is tailormade according to the client's requirements, convenience is no doubt part of our package! Also, since we provide a backend solution, you can enjoy monitoring your system from the comfort of your home! Our systems work in real-time to ensure each and every successful transaction is uploaded soon as it occurs just by button press.


The first of it's kind in Kenya, MobiTill combines different modes of payment: cash, mobile money and cards into one comprehensive payment sytem solution. That, and the fact that our software can be customised to meet different requirement, makes MobiTill a one-of-a-kind Point of Sale.

Awesome Support

Our dedicated team at Data Integrated Limited not only creates a tailor-made software to suit clients needs,but we also provide free training for the intended users of the system upon purchase. We are always looking forward to provide any required assistance and maintenance support for our esteemed clients. We're always available to serve you!

Our clients say:

the City Shuttle team

"MobiTill POS System has made it very easy and quick to track bus payments and sacco collections"
~Martin Karuga, City shuttle~

the Mwiki Sacco team

"MobiTill is one of the best payment tracking solutions we have seen in the market. It has graetly improved our revenues."
~Mwiki Sacco Limited~

the city shuttle team

"We are very satisfied with the MobiTill products and services"
~TCB Sacco Limited~

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