Introducing Smart Transport

With the Smart Transport Africa transactions counting feature, you are able to know in real time the number of people who paid for tickets as compared to the number of people who actually boarded the bus. The point of sale device counts tickets and automatically and immediately feeds receipt detatils to your online dashboard for real-time reports. You can also track your vehicles at all times. Track through your personal login online. Once you login, you can see real-time data from each bus including:

  • ☑ GPS location
  • ☑ Speed of the bus
  • ☑ Number of tickets sold as they are being sold
  • ☑ The route used by the bus
  • ☑ Fleet number
This data is automatically gathered and fed into our system from the point of sale devices, videos, and sensors. Of course, there is the added benefit of monitoring the safety of passengers on board. All this information is integrated with the online dashboard with real-time reports. Through the Smart Transport Africa online dashboard, you can access real-time or end of day reports. The dashboard can be accessed by the vehicle owner from a mobile phone or PC and the office manager on a computer. With real-time reports you will be able to ensure accountability accross your business and maximize the profits with the customizable analytics software.