Transport & Sacco Management

The Matatu Industry in Kenya is one that has grown alot since it started many years ago. In terms of numbers and also the revenue generated. Quite a variety of activities take place in the matatu industry the major ones being: sacco management and revenue collection at certain points either by sacco managers or fare collection from passengers in the matatu. Our MobiTill device accepts the following modes of payments:

  • Cash
  • Mpesa
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • NFC card
  • convenience

    MobiTill aims to ease collection of revenue by combining the above modes of payment into one compact Point of Sale machine, thus bringing you convenience, making it the perfect solution for the matatu industry revenue collection and sacco management. Just by the press of a button, tap or swipe of a card, collection is made very pleasant. MobiTill allows for one to enter individual fleet/vehicle details thus making it easy to manage the fees collected from each vehicle, making sure nobody skips payment. Also, it is easy to track payments since each successful payment made has a timestamp to it that shows exactly when the payment was made. MobiTill machine can also be used to manage loans taken by sacco members. By entering when exactly a loan repayment was made, it becomes very easy to follow up on sacco loans.

    the City Shuttle team in the field

    What makes us unique is that our solutions are locally developed, which helps us to provide fast and timely customer service. Out of experience, we understand the business environment in which Matatus operate. We aim to provide you, the owner, with technology services, to enable you concentrate on running your business. MobiTill Point of Sale System includes a POS device, payment processing software and hardware/software maintenance.

Here is what some of our sacco clients have to say:

the City Shuttle team

"MobiTill POS System has made it very easy and quick to track bus payments and sacco collections"
~Martin Karuga, City shuttle~

the Mwiki Sacco team

"MobiTill is one of the best payment tracking solutions we have seen in the market. It has graetly improved our revenues."
~Mwiki Sacco Limited~

the city shuttle team

"We are very satisfied with the MobiTill products and services"
~TCB Sacco Limited~