Our flagship product for Africa’s public transport systems.

Integrated & Cashless Payments | Safety & Speed Monitors | Scheduling & Ticketing

Benefits for

Bus operators & Owners

Digitally payment collection and payouts

Review, monitor and optimize fleet operations realtime

Avoid revenue loss and reduce operating costs

Be 100% compliant with safety and speed regulations with integrated hardware and software solutions

Customisable, easy to use and maintenance-free

And much more (we will explain in a demo session!)

Benefits for


View and monitor real-time availability of PSVs on a specific route

Book urban and intercity trips in advance from a single APP

Make payments directly in the APP

Easy integration with your bank for easier and faster payments

Choose PSVs that are equipped with safety and speed monitoring devices

Go cashless and feel empowered!

Benefits for

Governments & Authorities

Boost digitalization of Africa’s public transport systems by better planning and management of public transport resources via route optimisation

Review realtime movement of PSVs and overspeeding violations

Ensure compliance from bus operators and owners at scale

Provide safe and regulated public transport service to citizens

Encourage citizens to go cashless and leverage the benefits of modern payment technologies


Explore MobiTill TRANSIT in action

Bus Operators & Owners

If you are a bus owner, staff or management personnel of a SACCO, please book a free demo below. We will explain how easy it is to onboard to the MobiTill ecosystem, reduce your operating costs and avoid revenue loss.


If you are a user of Kenya’s Public Service Vehicles (PSV) for urban or intercity travel, then join the MobiTill community and learn how you can travel safe, easy and cashless everyday.

Governments & Authorities

If you are interested in learning how MobiTill solutions can help regulate your country’s road safety, speed and public transport systems at scale, please get in touch with us.

Approved by all stakeholders

We work with everyone in the whole payment system - from payees to regulators to banks and everyone in between. And we make sure everyone’s inputs are heard and implemented for the benefit of all.